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      OPEN MONDAY to FRIDAY 9am - 5:00pm

      01226 249590

      สมัคร เว็บ หวยได้เงินฟรีล่าสุด

      We're here to help your business make an impact with a wide range of exciting and stimulating spaces

      Events at the Business Village

      There’s always something going on here at The Business Village. Events range from networking and information meetings in conjunction with our tenant businesses, to specialist workshops and seminars via our many partners across the area and connected city regions.

      Virtual IP Clinic with Jane Lambert – IP Barrister



      Great news, the Innovation and Branding clinic here at The Business Village with Jane Lambert is continuing online, with clients able to book an appointment by telephone or Zoom at any time. (Not necessarily just on the second Tuesday in the month as previously)

      More information

      Equality, Diversity & Unconscious Bias Training



      This interactive workshop with Bhayani HR & Employment Law?will discuss the Equality Act 2010 legislation and best practice tips to prevent discrimination.

      More information

      The Growth Community Barnsley



      We have partnered with The Growth Community who are bringing their relaxed, but really purposeful business networking format to The Business Village.

      You’ll receive a very warm welcome at their FORTNIGHTLY meetings here at The Business Village and they look forward to learning more about you and your business and how they can help you grow. More details about this networking event can be found here.

      More information
      The Business Village @BarnsleyBIC Winning Together